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About Us
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Petras Fisheries Pty Ltd was established in 1990 in Sydney, Australia. For many years and still today, Petras has been an importer and wholesaler of live freshwater fish and saltwater marine fish. With years of experience and knowledge in the Aquarium trade, in 2003 Petras ventured into its own brand of Aquarium and pond products in called Aqua Nova. Aqua Nova has a wide range of products and is consistently adding ,improving and researching its selection of products.   

Petras has been selling live fish to all states in Australia and can deliver live fish next day to all major and regional airports in Australia, with our wide range and flexible approach, we are sure we can provide the right service to you.


In the Winter of 2007/08 Aqua Nova started to sell in Europe. 

With customers in Poland, Czech Rep, Slovakia, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Estonia, Denmark, United Kingdom, Finland, Sweden, Ukranie, Norway, Lithuania, Malta, Italy,  Canada, Portugal, Greece, Austria Aqua Nova is slowly building a name for its self in the market place.


Aqua Nova goal is to provide affordable aquarium quality, so we strive to have the highest quality at the right prices to suit the average hobbiest and Aquarium lover.

Our products are safe and environmentally friendly as evidenced by the certificates acquired.

We are constanly looking for new customers and also agent for countries and region. All trade enquires anywhere in Australian States or aboard are welcome.

To all Aqua Nova supporters thank you for your support and we wish you all the best in growing your business and continuing to provide support to the aquarium industry.